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Special Event Liquor Liability Insurance Quotation

Welcome to our Special Event Liquor Liability Insurance quotation page.

For a free quote, fill out the secure form below and click submit. Please fill in as much of the information as possible to assist us in getting to you the most accurate quote. All information is held in the strictest confidence.

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Insured's Information

Insured is
Limits of Liability Coverage Requested
Has applicants' alcohol beverage license ever been revoked, suspended or fined?
Has applicant incurred claims for liquor liability during the last three years
Has any insurer cancelled or non-renewed coverage during the last three years?
Are patrons allowed to carry alcoholic beverages onto the premises?
Do you maintain security personnel at event entry check points?
Do they exercise the right of search and seizure of contraband items?
Are the alcohol sales and consumption contained by fencing within one fixed site or are booths/stands located throughout the event site (at each event)?
If site is completely enclosed, are minors allowed to enter?
Are the servers professional (two years bartending experience or more)?
Are the servers non-professional (less than 2 years or no bartending experience?
Are rules and regulations clearly displayed for patron's viewing?
In what size container is the alcoholic beverage served at each event?
Can patrons purchase more than two alcoholic beverages at one time?
Is there any type of designated driver program in effect?
Is there any other Liquor Liability coverage being provided?
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